Join Angela through:

  • Interviews
  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Guided Meditations


Listen to this powerful and dynamic interview with Angela on AM 1450 KMMS where you’ll get to know her more intimately – what she has struggled with, how meditation has changed her life, how to listen to your body and learn what it’s saying, and how you can become more of your true essence of peace and happiness. Just click the play button below.

Spiritual Teachings:

Angela draws from teachings of Mystics from the Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Christian, and Jewish traditions.

The Householder’s Path of Awakening Part 2. 11-19-14. 23 minutes. Find out if it’s easier for women to experience enlightenment vs. men and Dipa Ma’s life lessons 6-10 (1-5 are given in the previous talk).


The Householder’s Path of Awakening. 11-12-14. 25 minutes. Angela shares the profound teachings of Indian Buddhist Master Dipa Ma: mother, wife, and mystic. Listen for Dipa Ma’s first 5 lessons to live by.


The Bridge Between Mind and Heart. 10-29-14. 25 minutes. Discover how to heal the mind so that life can be lived in balance between mind and heart.


Connecting with Spirit. 10-22-14. 20 minutes. Angela talks about what it means to feel connected with Spirit and a fresh perspective on prayer.


Guided Meditations:

Opening the Heart. 13 minutes.


Working with Anxiety.  10 minutes.


The River of Intention. 10 minutes.